The Canteen area meets Tranquility

Creative Continuity has recently created an uplifting environment, by transforming an ordinary canteen area into an enchanting tranquil setting.

It’s no surprise that the environments in which people are frequently exposed to have a considerable influence on       development. With this in mind, this particular client approached us with a vision of creating a unique and enriching theme to transform a canteen area.

We wanted to create a calming and relaxing environment that would provide a stimulating and thought-provoking place for everyone to relax in during their break times. By working closely with the client, we were able to devise a Mediterranean style setting that would act as a tranquil environment at any time.

The wall graphics utilised to bring this concept to life featured a cloudless azure blue sky, distant tropical vegetation and clear water lapping gently onto a sandy beach.

In order to develop this inspiration further, we added in pebble themed flooring, which created and continued the image onto the wall graphic to bring continuity to all elements. Additionally, outdoor style benches were added as the seating area and painted white to emphasise the theme.

This development to the canteen area has resulted in a positive atmosphere for users, and has also contributed enormously to an imaginative and relaxing environment that works well for the client, making it the perfect place for break times.