Educational Prospects

This week I have been down in London at the Excel Arena, sited just down the road from the 2012 Olympic Games venue, for the BETT SHOW.  Although it sounds like some kind of gambling conference, BETT  is in fact the world’s largest education technology event where ‘Ed Tech’ pioneers come together to discuss and to showcase the latest and best products for empowering learning.   I also saw at first hand the amazing regeneration of this formerly  run down part of the City of London.  The BETT event itself attracted 30.000 visitors from more than 100 countries ,so it’s good to see that the ‘legacy’ element of the games is working well.

Creative Continuity has been increasingly involved in education, recently executing imaginative flooring projects for Sure Start settings as well as schools and other educational establishments. We pride ourselves on being able to offer knowledgeable and  creative visual solutions for educators hence the need for a presence at BETT.

Speaking at BETT were some of the world’s leading communicators  including, undoubtedly, the most charismatic scientist in the country right now, Professor Brian Cox.  He talked about his joy of physics and shared anecdotes about the teachers and other people who had been an inspiration to him especially in his formative years

Today, learning and educational settings are becoming far more mobile and versatile. This offers multiple possibilities for the provision of uplifting environments which are not only fun but conducive to learning. BETT was a great opportunity to engage with the educational community and provided an insight into new technologies including digitally animated walls and floors.

I couldn't help making the analogical link between the neglected East London areas used for what proved to be the regenerative Olympics and what could be done to assist struggling schools elsewhere in the country with the imaginative use of creativity and resources .

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