Reducing noise levels in galleries, theatres, offices and schools

Creative Continuity has recently carried out an collaborative installation which involved creating evocative imagery on sound absorbing panels for a cinema which minimised noise levels migrating to adjoining screening rooms. 

We were approached by a leading UK acoustics company to provide the finishing touches to a recent refurbishment at the Plaza Cinema. This particular project required the use of customised printed sound absorption panels to allow for noise reduction in screening rooms.

The panels were designed to cover large spaces of the wall and they need to provide style as well as function - bespoke printed panels seemed to be the ideal solution. By working closely with the client and identifying what would work well within the building, we used vintage photographs from the cinema's archive to showcase the history of the building. 

This design provided the opportunity to feature the Plaza's rich history, which has seen many changes over the years and brings the story to life. The prints were made using acoustic materials which were strategically mounted in position.  

Creative Continuity’s custom printed panels provided a stylish outcome for the Plaza, by mixing vintage images with modern technology. Patrons can now enjoy state of the art sound quality without any interference, the history of the building can now be seen by all thanks to the custom printed sound absorption panels.